Five Best Practices for a Failure-Free PC Migration Project

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Five Best Practices for a Failure-Free PC Migration Project


A comprehensive program and project manager's guide to successfully managing data migration for hardware and device refresh projects. Understand the most effective ways to plan and execute on moving data between devices while minimizing business disruption, meeting user needs, and keeping costs down. 

In this white paper discover:
  • The main drivers behind device migration and hardware refresh. 
  • Why the old ways of carrying out device migrations don't work.
  • Four major issues with manual device migration.
  • Five best practices to streamline your hardware refresh and device migration project.
“Data migration, or the movement of data between formats and systems, is a complicated and involved process for companies. Unfortunately, it’s also a common one. Over 60 percent of enterprise-level IT projects are data migrations, according to the International Data Corporation (IDC). While necessary and common, this process can be costly — 40 percent of data migration processes take longer than expected, and many of them result in data loss and downtime.”

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