Everything You Need to Know About PoPi Compliance

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IT Department's role in PoPI compliance

Get an overview of what PoPI means for your business, and a rundown of the business requirements and your IT Department's role in PoPI compliance
The Protection of Personal Information Act, 2013 (POPI Act) mandates companies to protect the personal infomation that they collect, process, store and share.
Failure to comply to legislation could result in sanctions of up to R10 million rand in fines or even jail time.
In this White Paper we outline & explain:
  • The PoPI Act
  • The 8 PoPI Condtions for PoPI Compliance
  • Implications of the act
  • IT's vital role in PoPi compliance
  • Tools that assist in PoPI compliance
“Security & compliance were the main areas that made us consider this product. Compliance is very important to us from an Auditor General point of view, and Cibecs makes it very easy to create these Compliance Reports and give the required feedback.”

Brian Mkaza – ICT Manager, Stellenbosch Municipality

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