Migrating Users to Windows 10:
12 Tips to Make it Easier For Business IT 

Whether you’re ready to upgrade, or want to wait until your next hardware refresh cycle, having a pain-free Windows Update Plan in place is hugely important. 

So how can IT Departments remove the major pain points of OS Upgrades and instead ensure a simplified, faster project?

12 Tips for a Simpler Windows Upgrade white-paper-image-6-no-shadow@2x

  • Tips for doing a Compatability Check across your business devices, software & apps
  • How to evaluate the right backup system for pre-migration user backups 
  • Why to consider doing a fresh install 
  • Info on User Education 

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“This is partly the reason we invested in Cibecs, to take responsibility away from users and give us central control over what data is backed up. It’s just a pity we didn’t have it years earlier, it could have saved us a whole lot more!”

Ryan Hicks – IT Manager UTi’s Freight Forwarding division

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